Tuesday, 19 May 2009

bad luck~

hey everyone~

today is so not my day. yesterday my cute new shoes arrived (p.s. they're 4 inches, not 3) but i didn't wear them out yesterday. so anyway, just in the past 5 minutes i decided to try them on and go for a walk in my garden to see how they felt... i was standing there because i saw my cat and my heel SLIPPED INTO A CRACK and it's very very badly scratched... i ran inside and tried not to cry, i wiped off the dirt that was on them and went to get a marker (the heel's black but under the black was white).... i opened the marker and ink splashed ALL. OVER. THE. SHOE!!!! thankfully it didn't dry black, but there's still slight marks there and it's soooo upsetting especially since i wore them for literally, just a few minutes. :(

*sigh* oh well, on a happier note, yesterday i made cupcakes and 4 trays of cookies. i didn't take pictures of the cookies but i took pictures of the cupcakes.

they're very mild (i used 2 teaspoons instead of tablespoons by accident) chocolate and vanilla flavor, with vanilla icing and sprinkles. today i'm making vanilla ones with chocolate icing, yay! when i was making the cookies, i got two eggs like it said to use, so i cracked the first one open and two yolks came out! that's never happened to me before and it was kinda scary since i've never saw a double yolker before, hehe. :p

ummmmm. i don't know what else to say. today the stripper shoes i ordered a month ago will be here hopefully... either today or tomorrow. they're usually £40 but my size was on sale for £12.95... it was a sign that i had to buy them especially since i'd considered getting them before.

but yeah, that's all i have to say for today.

- ellery xo