Sunday, 17 May 2009

rainy day~

hey everyone~

it's raining today. i love rain! good job i had no plans today though!

i was looking on ebay last night and i found THESE:

i usually hate VERSACE but oh. my. god. i need them so bad, thankfully they don't have my size, cause if they did i'd be poor right now. :) i've gone shoe crazy lately, i have a gorgeous pair of booties coming either today or tomorrow, the only problem is that they're only 3 inches high which is really upsetting but i don't care, i realized i can't walk around in 6 1/2 heels every day... especially since i'm 5'9. i'm a giant!

i've been thinking about dying my hair lately. this time last year i had white hair, i've wanted to go back to white for a long time but i'm too lazy to touch up the roots every month, so i keep putting it off but hey, i have bleach and toner in my beauty stash so anytime now i might go crazy and dye it! yay! but anywhoo, i had to tell you all this story i meant to post yesterday but forgot: the other day my cat attacked a bird and brought it to my window, i heard it chirping so i ran to the window to see what was wrong and my cat was playing with it, it looked so scared, so i chased my cat away and gave the bird some bread but it was too scared to even move, so then i put my cat inside so she couldn't get to the bird, but she kept sneaking out (the door was open all day because we were having work done to the kitchen) so i eventually shouted at her, and put my hand out to show the bird i was trying to be nice, and it hopped onto my hand and i cuddled it for a while, then took it inside to make it feel safe, and about an hour later it chirped and started moving around, so i took it over to my grans house and let it go in her garden and it was chirping and bouncing around.... i'm really happy that i saved it from my evil cat. yay!

one more thing: i got a tattoo last week. isn't it cute? (ignore my chicken skin!)

it's a clown/mime holding a balloon... i need to go back and get one of the stripes touched up because it faded. :( but it's almost done healing so i'm so happy! i can almost go flaunt it to the world, i even bought a new tank top for that reason hahaha.

that's all for today. i'm gonna go look for a recipe for red velvet cupcakes now... i'm in a baking mood.
- ellery xo