Sunday, 17 May 2009

first post~

hello everyone~

lately i've been on and off the internet, i've been so busy! i'm almost finished decorating my room, but now i want to change it already! i decided to do it black, gray, and white, and i've been working on it for two months but then last week my mom decorated the bathroom and kitchen the same color, and next week she's starting to do the living room the same color also! it's so annoying, she knew i loved it, and she had to copy me, so now i have to change mine... i'm thinking mint green and olive, or maybe different shades of cream and a really dark wood floor... hmmm...

anyway, i've been shopping alot lately (what's new? hehe) and i got this amazing bag, some flats, dior lipgloss, chanel lipbalm, clinique foundation, mac neon eyeshadows and lipsticks, victoria beckham perfume and vera wang "look" perfume! i also got a sample for thierry mugler's "angel" perfume and i love it, so i'm gonna buy a bottle when i get paid, yay!

that's all!
- ellery xo